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Kids Self-defense

  • The self-defense for our children are not victims...

    Self-defense is a technique inspired movements containing different martial arts.

    Self-defense is a moderate technique where you just learn to defend themselves against the attacks that may occur in everyday life.

    So why should our children learn?

    Here's our take on the subject to learn self-defense for children.

    enf Children potential targets


    Our children are sometimes the target of violent and reckless character and only if our child does not feel able

    respond to attacks or even talk to that the fact of being attacked regularly turns into real discomfort for them and they become the scapegoats appointed ...

    Self-defense is a discipline that will help them gain confidence and they face their daily different feeling strong enough to know how to defend and only defend themselves if necessary, because the mind is part of the self defense.

    Self-defense allows a psychological safety for the child and for every individual who has the answer to the question: if I get mugged, what should I do?
    To answer this question and offers a reassuring extra baggage to address issues of violence in everyday life.

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