International Training Centre

in Close Protection


  • Are you looking to train your security staff ?

    Are you looking to protect your premises and property?

    Are you looking to learn how to defend yourself in case of attack or aggression?

    The International Training Centre in Close Protection - C.I.F.P.R meets these needs by offering customized training. As the first center in Tunisia and in the Arab world, (C.I.F.P.R) offers businesses and public figures a full training for agents specializied in close protection and security of property.

    It offers to everybody, men and women, training and courses in self-defense.

    Private lessons are also available (limited places) in self defense & anti-aggression.

    The (C.I.F.P.R) offers its disciples to acquire necessary skills and practices to defend themselves in case of attack or aggression. It responds to a specific need long sought to learn to defend themselves without having to train for years and to be a great athlete.

     International training center in close protection of persons and property safety offers you:

    -  Training of security guards to assure the function of: protection moved closer to the important personalities, the men and the women of business.

    -  Training of security guards for hotels, banks, discotheques, administration … 

    -  As well as the Police contingent for the official receptions, the holiday, the ceremony A formation of initiation step by step of the 1st into the 8th degree Implementation of a system of security and formation of the security guards of hotels and the banks and any society which requires some security.

    -  Training of stewards in the protection of persons and property

    -  Crowd management and control of riot ;

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