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  • Close Protection (Bodyguards)

    Close Protection (Bodyguards) is part of the activities in the field of security. It is to ensure the protection of an individual by the use of bodyguards and the establishment of special devices.

    The bodyguards

    Bodyguards play an important role in the system of close protection level. They are specially trained to deal with different situations.

    The bodyguards after an internship at center CIFPR OF 1st degree (self defense aggression and technical baton-do bare hands and stick & anti) can get rid of one or more aggressor agents close high-level security must have some essential qualities such as responsiveness, efficiency, organization and discipline, seriousness and calmness.

    A wrong reputation

    Unfortunately, the occupation Guard Corps suffers from a false image to the public and people who are not part of the occupation. This false image of the profession is given by the media and many films that dramatize things and give a picture of Hollywood and spectacular profession. Many people also have the certainty that a bodyguard is a big mastiff with a shaved head and tattoos and nothing is further from reality.

    The reality is quite different and a bodyguard must have a great sense of reality, a lot of intelligence, it must be discreet and able to go anywhere without drawing attention to himself or his VIP. Work Bodyguard is actually 90% of waiting and preparation. (Planning of roads and routes, Search buildings and cars before the arrival of VIP, do some research on places or people).

    The Bodyguard of the future is a man who knows everything and is almost a work of personal assistant.

    Type of protected persons

    There are various types of people who need a Bodyguard:

    · Politicians
    · Members of royal families
    · CEOs and businessmen
    · Celebrities
    · Stars of show business
    · Athletes
    · An individual who has received serious threats etc ...

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Bodyguards courses Bodyguards courses Bodyguards courses Bodyguards courses Bodyguards courses Bodyguards courses Bodyguards courses
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