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  •  ...Keibo-Do®  -  Recently called Matraque®

    This is a first in the history of martial arts in the world of self defense techniques with batons and bare hands created by an international expert Sensei Mâamar Ezzaier.

    These techniques are adopted by the security services in Tunisia since 1990.

    While respecting human rights, these techniques have the advantage of enabling security officers to immobilize suspects discreetly without violence and damage, contrary to what happens anywhere in the world where we are witnessing muscular and spectacular arrests.


    CréateurThe method Keibo-Do® (Or called Matraque-Do ®) enregistred at INNORPI -Tunisia under N° ET-96-118 is created by Sensei Maamer EZZAIER the most graduated of Nippon martial arts in africa and arab world.

    Inspired from Nippon martial arts, Keibo-Do® gathers more than 250 various Technics of self defense using stick (catching, submissions atemis, projections)


    Keibo-Do® is a modern method that uses sensitive and vital points of the human body.

    This method is different from any other method of self-defense because it has already been proven in the field and proven effective against an individual or group.

    Keibo-Do® is defined as the most comprehensive in the world including modern techniques of defense and response self-defense method, the scope of all types of security guards. It depends neither physical nor age nor sex.



    The security officer who conducted a short course of first degree can get rid of one or more attackers.

    If the abuser, being armed with a knife or sharp instrument, then a simple phone precise baton in one of the vital points enough to drop his weapon and master it without harm.

    We say that the techniques of Keibo-Do® allows the close protection officer to master the individual while avoiding its abuse and other forms of violence

    The Materials used by the method "Keibo-do®"

    Keibo-Do® is defined as the the most completed in the world, within the reach of all the categories of security agents. It does not depend neither on physics, nor age and nor sex.

    This material is authorized by the founder of the method of Keibo-Do ®


    it was Sensei Maamar Ezzaier who have tested it since 1990 and who confirms the effectiveness of the equipments following the practical tests carried out by his c are.

    Professional materials designed especially for the method of Keibo-Do ®


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