International Training Centre

in Close Protection


  • The CIFPR, International Training Centre in Close Protection, offers a variety of security-focused programs at several levels for men, women and children.

    It's important to note that the unsecurity in the street is growing more and more and we can say that the attacks recorded on men and women in different social backgrounds are becoming very worrying with regard to the life we lead.


    By this evidence and to allow individuals the opportunity to self-defense and to protect against any danger that could threaten his personal and professional life, the International Training Centre Protection Come closer now focuses on training anyone responsible and conscious of his life and that of others by offering any protection techniques and self-defense.

    Thank you to find below all the training programs that CIFPR can proposes today do individuals:

    Self Defense Training beginner

    Self defence & anti-aggression

    Keibo-do training

    Women self defense

    Kids Self Defense

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